Domain 2: Use of Data


Use student’s Reading Lexile levels to provide students with
   books appropriate for their reading level

• Use data from teachers to differentiate student activities based
   on reading groups
Use Library Collection Analysis data to determine books I need to
   order, the age of the collection, and to make sure we reach our
   goals in meeting the number of items per student

Use data from students to order specific book titles

  Use Reading Lexile levels to catalog books
• Use student assessment data to know what specific skills should
   be re-taught
Use Library Inventory data to see what books are lost and what
   genre should be weeded



Domain 3: School and Community Involvement


• Tutored fifth grade students during planning period

• Tutored students for TCAP

Breakfast Book Club

Read Across America

• School Photographer

• Jumpstart Read for the Record

• Literacy Night

Host and Maintain School Website

Host and Maintain Library Website

• Host Library Chat Room

• Host Library Book Blog

• Host and Maintain School Information Media Board



Domain 4: Leadership


• Serve as a new teacher mentor

• Collaborate with teachers and plan lessons to reinforce weekly skills

• Coach students in the writing process (Writer’s Café)

• Help Facilitate Textbook Inventory 

• Help Facilitate Read Across America

• Facilitated Jumpstart Read for the Record

• Facilitate School Equipment Inventory

• Facilitate Library Inventory

• Provide teachers with PD on using the smartboard

• Provide teachers with PD on the writing process

• Provided teachers with PD on Follett eBooks







Domain 1- Growth and Learning

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